New Moon Calendar 2023

New Moon Calendar 2023 we are going to share with our visitors along with monthly description. There are different types of calendars based on different facts every year like Lunar, solar, seasons, lunisolar. Here, we are sharing New Moon Calendar 2023 based on the different phases of the moon. In this New Moon Calendar 2023, we will share dates of NEW moon, Quarter moon and Full Moon for all months. Here, we will also list out New moons names 2023 in Northern and Southern hemisphere. As the earth is divided in to two parts i.e. Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere, season in both parts is opposite to each other. So, the Southern hemisphere New moon names and northern Hemisphere New moon names are different depending upon seasons on the particular area. I.e. name of August new moon in Northern Hemisphere will be the name of February new moon in Southern hemisphere.

When is the next New Moon?

For those visitors who check new moon dates and start their month based on the new moon arrival in month, can check dates of next new moon in this article. Here, we have shared new moon dates for every month of 2023. Visitors who have curiosity to check when the next new moon is, what date is the New Full Moon etc. details, have came to the right place here, you will get yearly New Moon Calendar 2023, where you can check next new moon 2023.

In the ancient times, on the basis of Norse mythology, the different phases of the moon in every month have given names those are known as Norse New moon names. In the Northern hemisphere part, names of the new moon are also known as Celtic new moon names. Here, we will also share the different new moon names for each month. Please check the below mentioned details for each month new moon.

New Moon January 2023

In the first month of the 2023, the new moon will be on 13th January on Wednesday. Timing for new moon is 05:02 A.M (UTC + 01:00). First quarter will be on 20st January and Full Moon will be on 28th January. Visitors can take download or prints of January new moon calendar 2023 from here. January new moon is also known as Wolf moon, Moon After Yule or Old Moon in

Northern hemisphere. Users can save this January new moon calendar 2023 after here at free of cost.

New Moon February 2023

On Second month of 2023, there will be last quarter moon on 4th February. After this there will be new moon on 11th February i.e. Thursday at 19:08 (UTC + 01:00). First quarter will be on 19th February and Full moon on 27th February. Feburary new moon other names in northern hemisphere are Snow Moon, Wolf Moon and Hunger Moon. For the monthly calendar of February new moon 2023, click on the Download button or can take print out by applying print command. However, this printable calendars are available at free of cost

New Moon March 2023

For third month i.e. March New, quarter, full moon details are below mentioned:

Last quarter Moon: 6th March (Saturday) at 01:32 (UTC + 01:00). New Moon: 13th March (Saturday) at 10:23 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter Moon: 21st March (Sunday) at 14:41 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 28th March (Sunday) at 19:50 (UTC + 01:00).

This is the new moon details for March month which includes date, day and time details on the basis of different moon phases. To get free printable March new moon calendar 2023 click on the Download option or ctrl + P command.

Also, would like to share some interesting fact like, first full moon of the March month is also known as WORM MOON. The other names of March Full moon are: Sap, Crow, Wind, Plough, Lenten Moon in North America.

New Moon April 2023

Fourth month of the year 2023 i.e. April has 30 days in Gregorian calendar and here we are sharing date, time day based on different phases of moon.

Last quarter Moon: 4th April (Sunday) at 11: 04 (UTC + 01:00) New Moon: 12th April (Monday) at 03:32 (UTC + 01:00) Quarter Moon: 20th April (Tuesday) at 08:00 (UTC + 01:00) Full Moon: 27th April (Tuesday) at 04:33 (UTC + 01:00)

This printable New moon April 2023 calendar is available at free of cost. Visitors do not need to spend a single penny to get these printable new moon calendars. Other names of April new moon are: Grass moon, pink moon or Egg Moon.

New Moon May 2023

For the fifth month of the year 2023, below is the detail for different moon phases including sate, day, and time information:

Last quarter Moon: 3rd May (Monday) at 20:51 (UTC + 01:00). New Moon: 11th May (Tuesday) at 20:01 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter Moon: 19th May (Wednesday) at 20:13 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 26th May (Wednesday) at 12:14 (UTC + 01:00).

However, all these details are available on New Moon May 2023 calendar as well. Other names of May new moon are Flower Moon, Milk Moon and Planting Moon etc. in the northern hemisphere.

New Moon June 2023

The details of the new moon 2023 of the sixth month are given below:

Last quarter moon: 2nd June (Wednesday) at 08:26 (UTC + 01:00). New Moon: 10th June (Thursday) at 11:54 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter moon: 18th June (Friday) at 04:54 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 24th June (Thursday) at 19:40 (UTC + 01:00)

Users can download the June new moon 2023 calendar form here at free of cost. Also, would like to share other names of New moon June which are: Rose Moon, Strawberry moon and Flower Moon etc.

New Moon July 2023

New moon details of the seventh month of 2023 i.e. July is mentioned below:

Last quarter moon: 1st July (Thursday) at 22:12 (UTC + 01:00). New Moon: 10th July (Saturday) at 02:17 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter moon: 17th July (Saturday) at 11:11 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 24th July (Saturday) at 03:37 (UTC + 01:00). Last Quarter Moon: 31st July (Saturday) at 14:18 (UTC + 01:00)

July new moon is also known as Hay Moon or Thunder moon in the northern hemisphere. Users can take July new moon calendar from this website without spending a single coin i.e. at free of cost.

New Moon August 2023

The August new moon is also famous as Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon in the northern hemisphere. For the New Moon August 2023 we are sharing its date, day, time details below, please have a glance:

New Moon: 8th August (Sunday) at 14:50 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter moon: 15th August (Sunday) at 16:21 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 22nd August (Sunday) at 13:02 (UTC + 01:00). Last quarter moon: 30th August (Monday) at 08:15 (UTC + 01:00).

Visitors can save this printable monthly calendar for August new moon at free of cost.

New Moon September 2023

The other names of September new moon are Fruit moon and Harvest moon. Please have a look at given details of September new moon 2023:

New Moon: 7th September (Tuesday) at 01:52 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter moon: 13th September (Monday) at 21:41 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 21st September (Tuesday) at 00:54 (UTC + 01:00). Last quarter moon: 29th September (Wednesday) at 02:58 (UTC + 01:00).

Users can use this new moon September 2023 calendar from here without spending any money

New Moon October 2023

The new moon October is also known as Harvest moon or Hunter’s Moon is the northern hemisphere. Details of the New moon October 2023 is given below:

New Moon: 6th October (Wednesday) at 12:05 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter moon: 13th October (Wednesday) at 04:27 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 20th October (Wednesday) at 15:57 (UTC + 01:00). Last quarter moon: 28th October (Thursday) at 21:06 (UTC + 01:00).

For saving New moon October 2023 calendar click on the download option or can apply print command also

New Moon November 2023

Here, we are sharing new moon details for the 11th month of the year i.e. November. November new moon is also famous as BEAVER moon, Frosty Moon and hunter’s Moon in the northern hemisphere. Details of different moon phases for November month is given below:

New Moon: 4th November (Thursday) at 21:15 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter moon: 11th November (Thursday) at 12:48 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 19th November (Friday) at 08:59 (UTC + 01:00). Last quarter moon: 27th November (Saturday) at 12:29 (UTC + 01:00)

New Moon December 2023

Detail of different phases of moon in December month is given below:

New Moon: 4th December (Saturday) at 07:44 (UTC + 01:00). Quarter moon: 11th December (Saturday) at 01:37 (UTC + 01:00). Full Moon: 19th December (Sunday) at 04:37 (UTC + 01:00). Last quarter moon: 27th December (Monday) at 02:26 UTC + 01:00)

December new moon is also known as Cold Moon, Long night moon or Moon Before Yule in the northern hemisphere. Users can get printable December new moon from this website at free of cost.

So, here is the detail of New moon 2023. Users can download or take prints of printable new moon 2023 yearly and monthly calendars as per their choice. All the printable calendars are available at free of cost. Hope the information we have provided will be beneficial for you. Please feel free to contact us for any query or support. We will be happy to assist you.