Jewish Holidays Calendar 2021 [Hebrew Calendar 5781]

Jewish calendar 2021 is a specific calendar for the Jewish community which is living in some specific proportion across the world and in some of their dominant countries such as Israel.

This calendar is used primarily for knowing the schedule of Jewish festivals,holidays and other such cultural practices, which are adopted by the community. You can observe all such Jewish events such as public readings,or other public holidays by referring Jewish calendar 2021.

In this article we are going to compile a fully printable Jewish calendar 2021, which would help the Jewish community to remain updated with their all festivals and other such important events falling in this year.

Jewish Holidays 2021

Well,as we know that Jewish is a rich culture in itself which is comprised of the several public readings or prayers.So,If you want to know about Jewish festivals 2021 then you should surely check out our Jewish calendar 2021.

Here below we are mentioning some of the major Jewish festivals of Jewish community for your consideration.

Rosh Hashanah -

Rosh Hashanah is one of the important festival or event in Jewish culture, which takes place on the first day of Tishrei. This festival lasts for two days and in simple words it is celebrated as the Jewish New Year or known as the head of year.

Monday, 6 September --- Wednesday, 8 September

Rosh Hashanah is considered to be the beginning day of the holy year and it is celebrated by shouting the shofar sound, which makes it the festival of blast among the people.They recite the liturgy about Teshuva and enjoy meals with their friends,family and relatives on this day.


Well, Shabbat is basically a weekly occurring religious practice of Jewish community, which takes place on each Saturday. On this day the people of community take leave from their routine work and spend their time in spiritual devotion and by having some quality time with their families.

March 5th-6th, 2021

All the business organisations are closed on this day and even the major fraction of soldiers are also granted leaves. This day can be regarded as the national or public holiday in countries like Israel.

Yom Kippur

This is another very pure religious practice of Jewish community which takes place after 8 days from Rosh Hashanah and is called as the day of "Divine Judgement".

Wednesday, 15 September - Thursday, 16 September

On this day people keep fast and pray for their sins to be cleansed by the Holy Spirit, due to which it is also called as the day of forgiveness. This practice is conducting and followed by the wide mass of Jewish community people.


Sukkot in Jewish community is known as the day of Pilgrimage, which takes place five days later from Yom Kippur. On this day the masses of community participate in the pilgrimage ceremony, which head to the Jerusalem temple where the community conduct the worship practices.

Monday, 20 September -- Monday, 27 September

This is one of the most important festivals of Jewish community, which is associated with the gratitude for the food grains or agricultural activities in Israel.


Well, in Israel Hanukkah is the day of triumph and victory which comes from the long history of country. On this day the small Jewish community attained the victory over Greek rulers and made themselves independent as a separate Nation.

Sunday, 28 November -- Monday, 6 December

This day is celebrated annually in Israel for the consecutive eight days by lighting the candles and other firework throughout the country.

Hebrew Calendar

Hebrew calendar which is also known as the Jewish calendar both more or less are the same calendars. The origin and wide usage of Hebrew calendars come from the Israel, where you will find the ultimate existence only of Hebrew calendar, since the country is comprised of Jewish population only.

Hebrew calendar is basically based on the solar year system unlike the other calendars in world which are based on lunar year. In this calendar we although have 12 months but all these months are completely different from the Gregorian calendars and are only meant for Jewish people.

You can check out the complete Hebrew calendar 2021 in this of our article to know about the various Jewish cultural events and festivals.

Jewish Holiday Calendar 2021

As we know that there are several of the Jewish holidays which are celebrated in the Jewish countries such as in Israel. These holidays may include the name of holidays as Shabbat,Yom Kippur,Hanukkah,Simchat Torah etc, which take place in the different months of country.

If you come from Jewish community and want to celebrate all the cultural practices along with the holidays, then you must make yourself aware with the full Jewish holiday schedule. You can check out all the holidays of Jewish culture 2021 in this article.

Jewish Calendar January 2021

Well, as we know that in Jewish culture we follow Hebrew calendar, which is different from the routine Gregorian calendar. If you want to check out the January's equivalent calendar of Jewish culture then you have to convert it from the routine calendar to Jewish one.

We are providing the fully converted Jewish January calendar in this section of article with Jewish days and dates. Here you can check out all the Jewish events and festivals which are falling in the month of January and Tevat/Shevat are the respective months, which are equivalent to January in Israel.

Jewish Calendar February 2021

Well, as we know that February is the second month in Gregorian calendar and in the similar manner we have the other equivalent months in Jewish culture. Shevat and Adar are basically the months, which take place in Hebrew calendar and are equivalent to February months of year.

Tu Bishvat and Yom Kippur Katan are the major festivals of this month and you can check out the schedule of these calendars in our calendar below.

Jewish Calendar March 2021

In Jewish calendar we basically have Adar and Nisan two months which are equivalent to March month in our regular calendar.

Sushan Purim and Shabbat Parah are the two well recognised festivals, which take place in this month and you can check out the dates of these festivals in this printable calendar.

Jewish Calendar April 2021

If you refer Jewish calendar then you will find out that Nisan and Iyar are the two months which fall in the equivalent month of April.

There are several religious practices of Jewish culture which take place in this month and we urge you to check out our calendar to have the schedule of all such religious festivals and practices.

Jewish Calendar May 2021

May is the fifth month in Gregorian calendar but in Jewish culture we have the months of Iyar and Sivan, which take place during the same period of May in Jewish calendar.

We are covering these full months so that you can check out all the Jewish cultural practices taking place in this month.

Jewish Calender June 2021

June is the mid-month of Gregorian calendar and if we check out Hebrew or Jewish calendar, then in this calendar you will find other Jewish months which are taking place during the same period.

Sivan and Tammuz are the Jewish equivalent months which have 3 Tammuz and Rosh Chdoesh alike festivals. You can check out the full schedule of other festivals in this printable calendar for year 2021.

Jewish Calendar July 2021

In Hebrew calendar Tammuz and Av are the months, which take place during the same period of July in Gregorian calendar. If you want to figure out the festivals of this month then you have to check out both of these months in Hebrew calendar.

We have simplified the Jewish July calendar 2021 for you, in which you can check out all the cultural practices and festivals of this month.

Jewish Calendar August 2021

Av and Elul are the two Jewish months which will take place during the same time period when August is around in Gregorian calendar.

If you are Jewish and want to check out the name of Jewish festivals and other religious practices in this month of August instead of referring Jewish calendar, then you can download the full equivalent calendar in this section of article.

Jewish Calendar September 2021

As we know that in Jewish culture we follow Hebrew calendar in which we have different name of months, which are equivalent to Gregorian months.

If you are looking forward to check out Jewish festivals in this September month then our printable Jewish calendar will help you in such regard.

Jewish Calendar October 2021

Well, you don't need to separately follow the Hebrew calendar in order to check out Jewish religious practices in the month of October, as we have different name months in Jewish culture.

Tishrei and Heshvan are the two Jewish months which will take place in Jewish culture around the month of October.

You can check out all the festivals and other events in our Jewish October calendar which is comprised of Jewish equivalent months and have the full schedule of these months.

Jewish Calendar November 2021

Heshvan and Kislev are the October equivalent months in Jewish calendar but you don't need to follow up these months separately, as we have compiled all the Jewish events of this month in Jewish November calendar.

You can now easily follow up all your Jewish religious practices just by referring the routine Jewish November calendar, where you can find out all the festivals and other practices of Jewish community.

Jewish Calendar December 2021

In Jewish or Israel culture we have the different months which are equivalent to Gregorian calendar's months. For example during the period of December in Gregorian calendar we have the months of Kislev and Tevet in Jewish or Hebrew calendar.

In this section you can check out the holidays schedule of Hebrew's December (Kislev & Tevet) months. It will help you in easily following all the holidays and other religious practice days falling in this month.

So, these were the all Jewish monthly calendars in which you can get the full schedule of Jewish festivals and other events of culture from one single place. The monthly calendars will make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the important Jewish events of the month.

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